What lies beyond photography workshops?


I love creating “next level” photographic experiences
that are both fun and expansive.
But be warned: they aren’t your father’s photo workshops!
Each is an incredible opportunity to make signature images that sing out in your one, true voice. And they happen in amaaaaazing places.

Welcome to “The Artist’s Voice Adventures”:
Shorter workshops & in-depth retreats in beautiful places where you can let it rip.


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OCTOBER 7-12, 2018

JANUARY 20-26, 2019

Enjoy small,  intimate group experiences as you learn to unleash your own creative magic!

In the words of previous participants…


“I just didn’t expect that much of an awakening.
— Debra Tufts, U.S.A.
“I feel like I’m coming back a different photographer…
A serious introspective look into the soul,
and how you bring that out in your photography..”
— Mike Roberts, U.S.A.
“…The accommodations were amazing and the food was out of this world!
What a treat it was to see the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain views,
the large herd of ranch horses,
and a beautiful blanket of fresh snow everywhere you looked,
something Kentucky does not have to offer”
— Linda Doane, U.S.A
“Having met Karen and knowing who she drew me in first. I love what Karen speaks about in her own work.
I like that her work comes from a place of centered knowing.  The best part: I absolutely found the next level of my artistic voice!”
— Elle Bruce
“My favorite images all had something in common: a memorizing feeling that captivated me when I set sight on it.
Those images were truly special (my best).
It was as if my personal feelings were somehow imbedded into the metadata of those images.
Karen gave me the tools to learn to use  find ‘my voice’ and to create with that voice.
I have always loved Karen’s art and to get to learn from her, was the best.”
— Barb Cochran
One thing I liked the most (aside from Karen herself) was being with like-minded people
and having such a wonderful guide to help us see more artistically
and express that through my photography.
I loved not getting bogged down with ISO and f-stops and things
that can take over and becoming limiting in pure creativity.
Just learning how to really BE in a new place and with new people –
absorbing all that, then channeling it into the creation of new art.
THAT was incredible!
It would be silly to say I ‘found’ myself, since I never ‘lost’ myself.
It’s more to do with what I realised in myself.
The world is speaking to me on a different plane now.
Almost like it was always doing so, but now I can finally hear it.
I didn’t expect to feel as open and creative and expressive in a foreign place
and I found the entire experience to be eye-opening.
— Tanya Wallis, AUSTRALIA
Karen, you’re simply AMAZING!!
Your beautiful, engaging, creative, fun spirit is contagious!
Thank you for an incredible, transformational week!
Most of us started a week ago as a group of strangers, and we part, I feel, as family.
— Robin Rolley, U.S.A.
I left Cannes a different person than when I departed.
The beauty of the people in our group, Karen’s intuitive leadership,
and the vibrancy of the French Riviera all worked their magic
to awaken a sense of vibrancy within my soul.
— Lisa Peterson, U.S.A.
Karen, I wish I could tell you how much last week changed my photography – and me.
I started looking at my photos on my large monitor last night and started thinking,
who is this person that took these photos?
Someone new moved in behind my camera.
Some of the images I didn’t even remember taking.
Can’t wait till I have time to start tweaking them and sharing.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Su Buehler, CANADA
What I learned from this was the freedom of letting go.
The freedom of not trying to get every setting just right, but go with the flow.
I learned with this trip to be a part of the image somehow,
rather than just observing the scene;
I can feel me in it.
Thanks to Karen for a wonderful experience!
–Sharon Willson, U.S.A.