Hand-Embellished Watercolor GicléePrints

 When I create my work, I envision it printed. Creating them as beautiful Watercolor Giclée prints is the ultimate! Each of the pieces from this line are individually made and completely custom. They are not available in my Online store.

What is a Giclée print?

Giclee is the original term for a particular process of museum grade fine art printing that involves spraying archival inks directly into the substrate – in this case, 100% Archival paper –  where it is absorbed deeply into the fibers. Giclee prints are created to last for many years without fading. They are unique and original.  

The Paper

These giclée prints is part of my brand new line of highly customized products.

The paper we use is a deliciously thick, 300 gsm (140lb) /16.5 mil 50/50 cotton/alpha cellulose paper that is as exquisite to the eye as to the touch. It is cold pressed (lending it more “tooth”; the perfect substrate for my pieces) and has an acid-free coating and base, making it archival. Acid-free paper prevents the print from yellowing over time. Combined with aqueous archival pigment ink, your print will last for many, many years. 

For these pieces, I work with Ogden Editions. Their work is artistic and exquisite; their approach, delightfully unassuming and down-to-earth. They are among the most creative print artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The best part? Our vision for what makes a sublime giclée print aligns perfectly. 

Luxury Watercolor Paper

This particular paper creates a stunning effect with my images as a fine art treatment.

All pieces are printed using aqueous archival pigment ink, known for its smooth tones and rich colors.

This is the exact substrate I imagined as I created each piece in the “Whimsical Reveries” collections!

Three Unique Edge Treatment Choices


Selecting the right border for your print can make a huge difference in the final presentation! Which one is best? Depends upon the desired outcome: 

Deckled Edges make your piece even more distinctive. Each print is hand-torn on the edges to resemble classic mould-made papers. As such, no two look exactly alike! It’s artistic and eye-catching. It’s also exquisite in our line of float-mounted frames.

Straight edge, with Border

A straight edge print is just that… cut to size, with a straight edge. You can mat and frame these in the traditional way. When you choose a border, it lends itself to matting more easily, since the  mat itself won’t cut off the image. Borders also lend a cleaner transition from image to edge; and also allow for artist signature, should you choose that option. 

Straight edge, no Border

Straight edge prints with no border lend themselves nicely to traditional framing with no mat, back-mounting with Sintra board or other materials and also are gorgeous as a custom float-mounted print. 

Deckled Edge

Hand-torn to resemble classic mould made papers. Ideal for matless framing

Straight Edge with Border

Leaves room for matting, signature, clean image transition


Straight Edge, no Border

Ideal for matless framing



Want a true hand-created feel to your new piece?  Bump it up a notch (or several!) by adding hand embellishing to your print!

Embellishing adds to the rich complexity and dimension of the piece, making it a more unique, one-of-a-kind piece of semi mixed-media art. The embellishment is hand-applied to certain details within each print, using a highly textured, thick acrylic gel, which gives maximum relief. 


Since embellishing is done by hand, each brushstroke is different.

Consequently, no two prints are exactly alike.

Each one a truly original piece.

Please note that additional time is required for embellished prints; the results are certainly worth it!


PRINT ONLY: (no backing or frame)

Standard sizes*:

12×12” = $150
16×20” = $335
20×20” = $415
24×36” = $895

Light embellishment on pieces up to 20″x20″ is $45 per print.
Over 20″x20″ is priced per piece.

*Other sizes are available. Just ask! 


You can choose to have your print framed locally – or choose our unique Float-Frame for  your art. This is a beautiful framing option which gives the illusion of the print floating inside the picture frame without touching it, lending a sense of three-dimensional depth + interesting visual detail.

Have a different finish in mind? Let’s talk!

All Watercolor prints and framed art from this line are signed and sent to you in sturdy, professional fine art packaging.

Backing, matting and framing are additional and priced per piece. 

Shipping & Handling is additional, based upon the total order. 




Contact me and let me know which options light you up. I can answer any questions you may have + give you the scoop on all the things.

We’ll work together to create a piece you’ll love for years to come.




Contact me and let me know which options light you up. I can answer any questions you may have + give you the scoop on all the things.

We’ll work together to create a piece you’ll love for years to come.


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