At the heart of all my work lies the certainty that Life is light. As long as I can remember I have been drawn to the camera as my artistic paintbrush. After all, its medium is light.

The way I see it, the earth thrives with light – as does each of its creations. My photographic work is known for encompassing those moments when light impacts the living soul of my subject, whether in sweeping, epic scenes or in deliciously intimate settings.

I approach both my photography and digital art in much the same way as we think; as we focus upon a single idea, distractions fade softly into the background. With inquisitive eyes, we return over and again to the heart of the matter, like a meditation; discovering new layers of meaning each time.

My digital art lets me take this a step further though. So many feelings, thoughts and impressions seem difficult and time-consuming to convey in words: yet are surprisingly simple + vivid when translated visually. I think of them as whimsical and full of reveries. Think: the magical story of life, as told in technicolor snippets.

I love to create these “pastiches” the way my mind thinks, with some humor, strange characters and connections, simple brushstrokes of feeling, always fully alive. They are about our precious hearts and souls which seek to thrive in this sometimes inhospitable world, each one a reminder that everything can shift in an instant and that nothing is as it seems on the surface. And that we are part of a Divine Dichotomy: unique and intrinsically connected all in the same moment.

Some pieces are goofy, some deep, others are like mere brushstrokes of a feeling. I view them in the same vein as all the splendid ways we cobble a meaningful life from snippets of experiences + memories + feelings whose threads we’ve chosen to weave together. Nonsensical at first glance, but always laden with meaning. .

My hope is that these illuminating, whimsical revelations move my viewers to connect more deeply; to themselves, to each other – and to our astounding natural world, filled with awe. To me, they are like oxygen for my walls – and reminders to look up for the Glory Light that is all around us.

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