Hey there! Real quick-like, some things you should know:

In addition to my specialized product line, I offer online ordering for my art. People love that, since it’s an affordable, easy peasy way, choose/order/auto-magically receive your goods. 

But what if you want to purchase something NOT on the roster? 
Then the exhilarating world of Custom Prints and Commissioned Works could be just the ticket.

If that’s how YOU roll… then by all means, let’s brainstorm! There are substrates, frames and finishing options galore to explore. I work with some incredible Print Masters who entire reason for being is to create swoon-worthy art. I can lead you through the process. 

Does this pique your fancy? Then here’s what I promise on my end:


 I will make it as simple as pie to own a Custom Print. There are definitely a few decisions to make along the way… which is always easier with a guide. I’ll be yours.

I will be just as excited to start as you!

Commissioning work? Awesome!

I have my style… and I like it. I’ll assume you’re working with me because you like it too. I’m not a copyist, never have been. So if you’re looking for that, please know that I will politely decline.

In both cases… and because we’re just starting out in our relationship, all custom and commissioned work begins with a 50% deposit. The final payment is due prior to the finished work being shipped..

As I mentioned, I work with true Print Masters on my custom work. They generally require a 4-6 week window once an order is submitted. There are exceptions, but fine art printing does take a bit of time. Think: fine wine. The results will be worth the wait! For very large prints… I also like to show you a test section before we go for the gusto, especially if we’re choosing between different papers or materials. 

NOTE: Custom fine art prints do not have a money-back policy. That’s pretty standard practice for fine art prints. As a result, my Print Labs and I do everything possible ahead of time to make sure you’re going to be over the moon in love with your new piece! Prep is king. 

All custom and commissioned work is shipped via Fedex to home or business. Each is ready to hang, straight out of the incredibly well-padded and sturdy box.

My goal is to surprise and delight you with your gorgeous new art piece. In fact, I want it to surprise and delight you for many years to come. I’ll work my hiney off to make that happen.

Got a question about an interior design or branding project? I take on a limited number of these each year, so contact me here or through the Contact Form on this site if you’d like to be one of them.

My heart is all-in to create art that is like sunlight for your soul; as memorable and full of life as you are!

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