I have been blessed to work with some deliciously authentic and visionary individuals + corporations along my creative journey.

Below are a couple of them, including some of the images used to fulfill their vision.

If you are inclined to believe that much like almond butter + chocolate, strawberries + champagne, (or sunshine + summer ), “our stuff would be better, together,” please drop me a note.

I am available to collaborate on digital art, photography, brand storytelling or other visual artistry.

Interested in this art being presented in your real estate or design portfolio?

Let’s connect.


Professional Fujifilm X-Photographer

My collaborative partnership with Fujifilm has been rich and rewarding. As a professional Fujifilm X-Photographer, we are of course, ambassadors for the brand.  That’s the given. But it’s so much more than that: we are ambassadors for art of photography itself. We instigate inspiration + creativity and do our best to uplift others. This is something I believe in deeply.

The journey has taken me to other countries to photograph and across the U.S. to speak with fellow photographers about finding their artistic voice. It’s taken me into incredibly beautiful places to create photographic art with a powerful message about the transformational quality of Nature. Over the years, my collaboration with Fujifilm has involved projects, prints ads, short films, articles both in print and online – and of course, presenting at live events.

“We can do more together than we can alone.” When it comes to being part of a creative movement, that statement could simply not be more true or powerful. 


Cedar House Story in Art

I collaborated with Cedar House Sport Hotel to create a visual representation of their mission and purpose.

It was conceived of in 3 Phases:

Phase 1: An art installation of 8 large format black and white pieces for Stella, Cedar House’s onsite restaurant.

Phase 2: over 100 curated images, encompassing the four seasons of our beloved and beautiful Truckee/Lake Tahoe region for the Cedar House website.

Phase 3: large format Nature-driven pieces for each of the guest rooms, designed to draw the awe-inspiring power of Mother Nature into each Cedar House guest experience. (currently postponed due to Covid-19)

leaf and flower diptych


Ivor Andrew Advertising found me on Instagram and got in touch. The concept: a project for Fujifilm Graphic Systems called  “Color Outside the Lines”. The message was all about encouraging the “rebel” and “rule-breaker” and aimed at  business owners/entrepreneurs. (Right up my alley!)  Their product: ginormous printers. Best in the biz.  No stock photos for this bunch! Fujifilm does things differently, encourages photographers and artists to be different, and is one of the only companies that truly understands imaging from photography to print on paper.

If you’re a business or company looking for a cool way to tell your story, delight customers with visual storytelling, contact me here.

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