Karen Hutton is an International Landscape and Travel Photographer, Artist, Speaker, Author, Educator, Voice; as well as a Professional Fujifilm X-Photographer. She has been photographing for over 40 years and, in addition to her large social media following, her voice has been heard around the world in commercials, apps, tutorials and television.

She grew up in the countryside of Sonoma Valley, California; a rich, natural world surrounding her. She experienced a constant source of wonder and delight out in nature; eventually referring to the heartachingly beautiful movement of depth, light, patterns and gestures she discovered there as “the brushstroke of creation”. Discovering, exploring and creating with it became her passion.


Karen had visions as a child (she thought this was perfectly normal). One in particular struck home. In it, she stood on a stage, and a very large column of light ran down through her head and out through her mouth, hands and mid-section, out into the space, where it washed over people, healing them. They walked out transformed. It felt less about her than about the power of Light. It informed everything she has created as an artist since.

A near-death experience in 2006 brought her to the brink and became the wakeup call to give her life – and her art – all she had. It was time to reclaim her own voice and spark of divine fire.

Since then, Karen wrote the eBook “10 Steps to Finding Your Artistic Voice”, which lead to the creation of the popular online course “Finding Your Artistic Voice” at KelbyOne and leads her ground-breaking “The Artist’s Voice” photography retreats in France.

In the states, she speaks on the topics of inspiration, creativity and finding one’s artistic voice in photography. She has delighted audiences at events like Fujilove LIVE (NYC), The Fujifilm X-Photography Summit in The Great Smoky Mountains, Photo Plus Expo (NYC), Google HQ, Fujifilm’s National Sales Meeting and numerous venues around the country.

Internationally, she’s been featured in Fujifilm Magazine, Progresso Fotografico (Italy) and She and her work have been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Grid, national print and video ads for Fujifilm, in photo galleries in Japan and the U.S., TWiP, Macphun Software, Landscape Photography Magazine, as well as a plethora of podcasts and interviews around the interwebs.

Karen has set her aims to create the most inspiring photographic works possible. Pieces to delight, inspire and stir the soul. Images that translate her own transformative experiences into works of art that radiate light and joy. She believes that by allowing beauty a voice in our world, it raises and inspires others to reach for – and give voice to – their own soul.

The quest to become a better photographer is a lifelong one. Karen personally thinks the learning curve is endless, mostly because we, as artists, are ever-changing. As we evolve, so must our art. Constantly seeking those rare and magical moments when perfect light conspires with color, texture, depth of field and a breathtakingly beautiful Brushstroke of Creation, she knows there are so many more stories just waiting to be told. After all, Life is Light.