All right, I admit it. I’m not a cat person. They always seem a  little too… well, entitled for my taste. I realize I’ve just offended legions of cat lovers everywhere. But I know you know what I mean about the entitled thing… it’s a cat fact. From there, you either think it’s endearing or annoying. I’m more the latter. That said, I’m not without a deep appreciation  for the feline species. And some humor about the entire thing.


After all, Cat is my hero in this piece. 

He (or she) hates to swim. Loves fish. 

Is out in a boat, no shore in sight. 

And the controls are not kitty friendly. 


Cat weighs the options. There are no good ones. Only the tantalizing lure of a nearly unlimited supply of his (or her) favorite meal. 


What WILL Cat DO?


Hmm. Dunno. 

And so I leave it. With a giggle of appreciation for the predicament. 


Entitle your way out of THAT, Cat!

Meow. *


*No cats were harmed in the making of this piece. 



From the “Story Beings Collection”. Click the image to see it in the gallery.

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