I have a wonderful friend who became dear to me over the past few years. She knows who she is. We met through business and bonded over a mutual vision of connection through nature, our love of mountains, being a stand for what is good in the world, over art itself and a delightfully warped sense of humor.


We’re unlikely pathmates from different worlds; yet they complement each other like peanut butter ‘n jelly. She gets me and my artsy ways – and I get (and treasure!) her numbers brain and organizational prowess. We’ve created life-changing events, thrown ourselves into new adventures like a couple of aeronauts from another era and ultimately – bonded like sistahs from different mistahs.


Finding a friend like her has truly been one of the most uplifting experiences.




A highly unlikely meeting of strange and unusual minds.


Surprise, whimsy and divine connection.

Not much better than that!



From the “Story Beings Collection”. Click the image to see it in the gallery.

Greetings and Prosperous Wishes,

New and loving friends seem to uplift the very atmosphere and open the mind to enticing new possibilities.

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