One September, after wrapping up the photography retreat I had just lead in the French Riviera, my assistant/ right hand gal/bestie (all the same person) headed to Paris for a week. Off by high speed train we went… 


It was a week to remember! But made even more so by jumping on a train and heading out of the city to the Château de Fontainebleau; one of the largest of the French royal châteaux.  Francis I and Napoleon both had their way with the Palace as it stands today, which became a national museum in 1927 and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. So the history goes. Heady stuff.


We rented bikes by the train station and rode out there through the forest, reveling in every breath and fragrance, every gasp-worthy turn we rounded until we landed here. The Forest of Fontainbleu (The second-largest national forest in France ). Right on the Palace grounds. And while the mighty palace of palatial-ness was a stunner… our nature-lovin’ jaws dropped here and stayed here in the forest. 


I loved the original photograph I made on this mystical spot. But it didn’t quite convey the magic in the very air, the feeling of floating on air it gave us as it whispered in its primordial forest-y way. 


That took a little “extra” sumthin’-sumthin. ✨



From the “Photo Centric Collection. Click the image to see it in the gallery.

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