I’m an artist. A photographer. Lover of nature and travel. A wife. A daughter. A teacher of all 7 careers/disciplines I’ve experienced in my life so far. A student of life. Super opinionated. Love to laugh. Have an offbeat sense of humor. Hate turning back if I forget something on my way to the store (like my purse. Not that I ever did that.)  Yet I willingly reinvent myself and rebuild my career without batting an eye. Divine-Dichotomoies-R-Us.


Not fond of cats. Sorry/not sorry. Love birds. Love horses. They helped raise me and are a part of me, are in my blood taught me things like thinking 4 steps ahead of everything.


I ask why. Alot. And constantly look ahead to what’s next and how be ready for it. Some say I overthink. I think they don’t do it enough.


I believe in childlike  innocence and an open mind. I also believe in boundaries and being smarter than your enemies.


I despise gurus and mistrust them all. Ditto group-think in just about any form.


Faith, trust, understanding, knowledge, wisdom. Huge.


I’m not a people person… I’m a person person. One at a time, please. Or I’ll take a large stage, which strangely feels like one person to me. Yet another dichotomy. Maybe because I was an actor and the hallowed stage was my first love. Small talk is painful. Show offs, know it alls, “experts”, self-appointed “leaders”? Boring McBoresville.


I don’t want to have to prove myself to anyone. Like, ever. And yet… I want everything I do, create and am to be all the proof anyone could ever need – and then some. I want to exceed the expectations you didn’t even know you had.


I want to feel alive and happy and free and full of joy. I think it’s a birthright. For all of us.


I want to forget the word and meaning and feeling of “failure”. I want to  live in an awe-drenched world of powerful lessons, course-adjustments, transformations and expansions.


I love the word “soar”.

And saying “I love” as a preface to everything I can.


I freakin’ love coffee. (see how I did that?)

And drink a couple thermoses of tea everyday.

I exercise, eat super healthy, and keep my immune system strong. It’s a thing.


I’m fierce. Short tempered. And I swear. When I do, I hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me not to do that. It’s awkward. But I do it anyway.

Karen Hutton

Karen Hutton


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