Social Distancing. Who knew it would be a “thing”? Just like so many “things” that happened in the blink of an eye, it took my breath away. (And isn’t THAT a painfully relevant term about now?)


When “social distancing” first happened, my first response was “Well, I’m kind of a hermit when I’m not traveling the world anyway, so hey – no big.” Alot of us introverted extroverts/artist types felt that way.


See, it takes a minute for life-altering changes to sink in. And as they do, the brushstroke of human experiences obtains richer hues.





Time folding in on itself

The colors of muted monotony melting one into another


And in the same breath… 


Bubbling bursts of new ideas and creativity



Deepening into our Source

A richly textured tapestry of fluidity,  like unto a crystal sea

Souls… afloat… in the spaces in between.


I couldn’t put into words what I felt about it all. From the immediate to the ageless… as seen by God and by human. So much possibility – and heartbreak – in a single breath.


Social Distancing.


Beautiful souls under tyrannical rule. Distanced. Awaiting their chance to fly. And they will.

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