Trinity: [TRIN-i-tee ]

  1. the union of three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) in one Godhead, or the threefold personality of the one Divine Being.
  2. a group of three closely related persons or things; triad
  3. the state of being threefold or triple.


Three also represents Divine Perfection and Completeness.


Certain numbers resonate with me. Three is one of them. For all the reasons above – though mostly for the one that says “it just feels right”, I decided to present the stories behind the art in a section I call “Trinity”.


I’ve been a photographer most of my life (most recently known as an International Landscape & Travel Photographer, partnered with Fujifilm) and I’ve loved it. Still do.


Then… this new work happened. It sprang to life with intent. With meaning. With stories to tell and points to make.  It pours through me – and comes out looking alot like the thoughts in my head I can never really explain. It has a life of its own and I’m fascinated with it. It appeared at the end of a year that should’ve been great and enough but wasn’t. It ended with a sign hanging across it that read “What Voice Still Needs to Be Heard?”.


This work doesn’t take the place of photography. It lives alongside of it, complete as its own special creation.


This new work literally sprang out of my photographs. Using their color, light and pixels to form a baseline, a base layer if you will, for inspiration – they took shape.


They sprang forth as if in answer to the unspoken question “Where could we go from here? What else you got?’ The answers came surprisingly quickly and were utterly visceral. Visual. Kind of shocking, honestly. “Who knew??” I found myself exclaiming.


These collections are the result. They continue to grow, to speak, to convey ideas beyond the reach of my words. Do they seem simplistic to you? I love that about them. They’re sneaky that way. Like I say, they have a mind of their own.


Which brings me back to 3. Divine Perfection and Completeness. All I can say is that the choice feels right. Who knows why? Truthfully, when all this started, I agreed to listen to the guidance of the Creator of All and let ‘er rip.


So. I’ll be presenting my works and their stories here in 3’s. Divine little Trinities.


You’ll hear a bit about the inspiration behind them, how I made them, what they have to say for themselves.


This is gonna be fun!


I could add: get up early. Be relentless. Love boundlessly. Never settle. Just sayin’.

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