Intro to Karen

Life abounds with reason to just… not.

Not look up, not be brave, not say YES…  certainly not BE.

I’d like to create just one more reason to BE THE YES. Or just BE.

I’m Karen. I am, first and foremost an artist. A Photographer. A bit of a philosopher and sometimes a teacher.

I’m on a mission to infuse the very air around you with color, joy, delight and awe. To be unapologetic. To BE through my work so it sings.

I lovingly refer to these collections as “Whimsical Reveries“.

You can purchase my art here. Easy peasy lemon squeezy online ordering!

You can also collaborate with me on a custom piece. Goosebumps abounding!

I’ve been all over the world marveling, photographing, leading intrepid wanderers on “find your artist’s voice” adventures. But the head-to-toe jolt of joy for me is creating these whimsical reveries that feel like sunlight for your soul. BAM.

Got a question? Ask me here. ​

Tiny Prints Collection

A fun, curated collection of musings and whimsy, offered in smaller sizes for smaller budgets. Choose from Professional Photographic Paper in Lustre, Glossy or Metallic, Flat-Mounted Canvas, Maple Wood or 6”x6” Ceramic Tile.

The Whimsical Reveries Fine Art Collections

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Good Things Come in Threes

The Timeless Conundrum of Effort vs. Reward

The Timeless Conundrum of Effort vs. Reward

All right, I admit it. I’m not a cat person. They always seem a  little too… well, entitled for my taste. I realize I’ve just offended legions of cat lovers everywhere. But I know you know what I mean about the entitled thing… it’s a cat fact. From there, you either...

Forest By Enlightenment

Forest By Enlightenment

One September, after wrapping up the photography retreat I had just lead in the French Riviera, my assistant/ right hand gal/bestie (all the same person) headed to Paris for a week. Off by high speed train we went…    It was a week to remember! But made even more...

It Begins With A Mind Splat

It Begins With A Mind Splat

I am blessed to have some brilliant friends. There’s something about them that always makes me… better. Smarter. Happier, just being around them. It’s like our souls, spirits and brains get together and start leaping and dancing and rapid firing together in the most...


I have been blessed to work with some deliciously authentic and visionary individuals + corporations along my creative journey.

Below are a couple of them, including some of the images used to fulfill their vision.

If you are inclined to believe that much like almond butter + chocolate, strawberries + champagne, (or sunshine + summer ), “our stuff would be better, together,” please drop me a note.

I am available to collaborate on photography, brand storytelling or other visual artistry.

Interested in this art being presented in your real estate or design portfolio? Contact me.

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